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Take a Walk in a Winter Wonderland | SERVPRO® of Spring Valley/Jamul

11/21/2022 (Permalink)

Winter will officially be here on Dec. 21, but depending on where you are, the season could look very different. In our part of California and other areas in our region, we tend to step into the season gently with just a slight dip in temperatures and dryer weather, while other areas in the nation will make a headfirst dive into a cold and snow-filled winter.

Regardless of which kind of season you can expect, winter has a set of weather dangers unique to the season that could damage your property and force your family out into the cold (or the rain…or the fog…or, well, you understand).

When you get to know the challenges you could be dealing with, you can properly prepare, which means your family stays safe.

Winter Around the Nation

Shivery, snowy, mild and wet are all predictions that have been made for the upcoming winter season in the United States, particularly when you look at the nation as two different parts.

In the Midwest and parts of the East Coast, winter will likely bring deep snow and low temperatures for the duration of the cold months. The West Coast, however, will see rain as temperatures and mostly mild temperatures over the season.

There will be variations of these predictions as the season progresses in different areas, but if you are ready for the worst, you can best manage the risk of damages to your property.

Winter Around Spring Valley

Our winters consist mostly of comfortable, dry days. Our cold months are generally between November and April, with December often bringing us the lowest temperatures.

On any given day, we will likely see highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. While most winter seasons do bring rain, this year is again predicted to be particularly dry, which leaves us at a greater risk for wildfires than normal.

Get Prepared

To be able to enjoy the outdoors without scorching heat and not fear winter weather-related damage to your home, take the time to get familiar with the kinds of winter storms that could happen. Be sure you have two ways to get weather alerts, including one that doesn’t require external power to work.

A supply kit for emergencies is crucial in preparing your home and your family for every kind of weather. Keep your kit stored safely so that it can be accessed quickly, and check its contents seasonally. Pack one for the car, too, so you are prepared for unexpected situations.

Even without extremely low temperatures hitting our area, weatherproofing your window frames and doors can prevent damaging moisture and help with your electric bill. Use a cover for your outdoor faucets if an extreme low does happen to hit so that you avoid frozen pipes.

Give your roof a little extra attention ahead of the season to repair anything broken. Cut tree limbs, and consider extra insulation for your attic or crawl space.

Winter offers a break from our sometimes extreme heat that can feel like magic when you know your home is protected. Add SERVPRO to your contacts and take advantage of our 247 availability if your home is damaged during a storm.

If you experience damage in a winter storm, call us. We have the experience and equipment to get your home back to normal.


At SERVPRO, We Are Your Neighbors | SERVPRO® of Spring Valley/Jamul

10/19/2022 (Permalink)

Choosing SERVPRO to handle your restoration project is a smart move. We come with certifications, experience and top-of-the-line equipment to clean up anything your property needs. We have frequently handled restorations and recoveries from fires, storms and water damage.

We also have certified mold remediation services, which means we will mitigate a mold issue before it can cause extensive damage. Our services even cover a wide variety of specialty needs, like graffiti and biohazard removal.

One of the best parts of choosing SERVPRO? We are a small business owned by locals, which means we are your neighbors.

3 Reasons Being Locally Owned Is a Difference-Maker

When you are in need of restoration services, you want a company that carries a good reputation that you can trust. You should also take the time to find a vendor that is close by, because timing is essential when it comes to your home’s recovery.

1. We Can Respond Fast

When you experience damage to your home or place of business you don’t want to wait to get it cleaned up. If the restoration process is delayed, things could start to get worse, which may lead to a costly long-term recovery.

Partnering with SERVPRO of Spring Valley/Jamul means that you won’t have to worry about waiting. We have 247 availability so we can start restoration quickly.

2. We’re Prepared for Local Weather Conditions

When weather events happen in your neighborhood, they are happening to us too because your community is our community. Not only do we prepare ourselves for storms or fires, but we also begin gathering resources so we can start recovery in our neighborhoods the moment the storm moves out.

When you live in California, you know wildfires are a serious threat and have likely seen the damages they can do. Our crew has endured many fire seasons right along with the rest of you, along with the thunderstorms and excessive heat waves our summers can bring.

We can clean up from every event that affects our homes here.

3. We Know Spring Valley and Jamul Front and Back

Many restoration companies are willing to travel from all around to complete your repair projects. These companies will need your assistance in a lot of ways including getting directions, city hall information and other details as they do not know our area well.

Our professional staff has lived in California for a long time, most of us in your very neighborhoods. We love our mild weather that brings visitors from all over to experience the feeling of a small town so near San Diego.

We have all visited the natural spring for which our area is named and love the number of parks that are all around.

We also know how to communicate with local officials in order to keep up with fire regulations and obtain permits so that your project moves along quickly. We know how this community works, and we are ready to get your life back on track after a disaster as fast as we can.

An Extra Benefit

Most disasters that happen in our area can be handled with our professional staff out of our Spring Valley office. Working with SERVPRO does give you another benefit though: a network of professionals we can call at a moment’s notice to handle large-scale disasters that affect large areas.

We are backed by a national brand that has many years of experience in restorations. When a wildfire causes complete chaos, we can get help from SERVPRO locations nearby and get on the road to recovery that much faster.

When disaster strikes your home or your business, we’re the team you can trust—located right here, close to home. Get in touch today to get started!


Newest member of our SERVPRO family!

6/2/2016 (Permalink)

The Degraffenreids (Owners)

We are a few weeks behind in posting, but we would like to announce the arrival of our newest member of the SERVPRO family - Abigail Ann Degraffenreid! She is only 4 weeks old but has already brought so much joy and love into our lives!

Are you prepared for...?

1/25/2016 (Permalink)

We will have a table set up at the Disaster Preparednes Forum for businesses being held on February 4th at 9am at the Spring Valley Community Center located at 8735 Jamacha Blvd, Spring Valley, CA 91977, hosted by the South County and East County Economic Development Councils.

There will be experts in the fields of emergency services, utility services, law enforcement, and officials from the County of San Diego to convey information on how to properly prepare for a disaster, both natural and man-made. County Supervisors Greg Cox and Dianne Jacob will also make brief presentations.

Registration is recommended due to limited seating so please call 619-424-5143 or email by February 2nd to register.

We hope to see you there!

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

10/19/2015 (Permalink)

What better way to draw in a crowd than free candy?

Our team had a great time at the 6th Annual Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival yesterday! The festival was put on by Cali Comfort BBQ and Valley Farm Market with 13 amateur BBQ teams competing for tri tip, chicken, pork ribs and carne asada. With live music and lots of food and craft vendors, it was a great way to bring together the community of Spring Valley and help benefit the Organizations in Training (OIT), a nonprofit organization that provides personal and professional development through skill training to youth and families struggling through severe adversity. We had a great time and were proud to be able to sponsor such an amazing event. We look forward to participating again next year!


12/29/2014 (Permalink)

Mr. and Mrs. Degraffenreid

Congratulations to our owners - Mr. and Mrs. Degraffenreid!